Permit to show/edit Let's Encrypt certificates again


Since a recent HesiaCP, the LE certs are not available from panel.
Let me give you a use case where the certs where very useful for me.
I have sometime to work on a dev.domain.tld website on a new HestiaCP server, when www.domain.tld is hosted on an old HestiaCP.
I play with the DNS records to change the IP address for the dev. subdomain, but on some projects, I have to update manually the LE certs.
Since there are not showed, I don’t know how to copy/paste the new regenerated LE certs from the old server to the new one.

I don’t know if I’m clear…

So I have one question : is it possible to show again the certs on the panel, on advanced options for example ?

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If you disable the Lets encrypt ssl checkbox you are able to see them and copy them.

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Command line style, you can also find them in
You can ‘cat certname.crt’ and then copy from the terminal.

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We should probably add an link to make them visible if enabled…

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I too would like the functionality to view the certificate in Hestia UI, for easy copy/paste to development sites. But if this is too much work @eris I’m fine doing the copy/paste from the command line too :slight_smile:

I assume this will work:


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