Phar required in Ubuntu 18.04


I have a website that uses the fuelphp framenetwork. The requirements are here:

PHAR or PHPUnit is required. Is there an easy way to install this with? Or what instructions do you use to install it?

best regards

Hello rmjtechnologies,

I know I can install it. The question was if there is an easy way. In Plesk you can simply select it with a click. Maybe you can also give Hestiacp a click option to install, activate and deactivate the modules?

ok, thanks anyway.

yes in the meantime i found out that PHPUnit is not needed, but that the DocumentRoot path in the file apache2.conf and apache2.ssl.conf had to be adjusted.

Please do not modify the apache.conf / apache.ssl.conf directly but modify the .(s)tpl files in /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/apache2/php-fpm

cp current.tpl newname.tpl and then modify the tpl files

And repeat it with .stpl

In edit web you can modify the loaded templates

This will prevent in the future in case Hestia rebuilds the tpl your changes will be lost. (With every update and even changes to the website settings)

ok thanks, learned something again:).