PhastPress on HestiaCP

Hi, Anyone hosted WordPress on hestia control panel and using PhastPress WordPress plugin? That plugin is not working and saying there is an issue in my control panel. I have tried other open source control panel but didn’t encountered this issue. Looking for suggestions. Thank you.

I just had a look at the plugin. It is an interesting alternative but it looks like it has been designed to work along with apache2.

Try to use it with an nginx + apache2 install instead of an nginx server.

Other things that can fail is maybe the img processor that might need to install some extra packages…

Can’t help more with the info you provided.

Remove the images from the proxy extensions if used with Apache2 + Nginx setups…

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This is the error I’m getting.

apt install phpx.x-sql-lite

Where x.x is your PHP versions

It worked. Thanks! :grin: