Php 5.6 disconnected after 1.7 update

As I understand tonight hestia received the update to version 1.7. After the automatic update, my php 5.6 version was disabled, but it worked the main site, the other versions of php were activated

We have not disabled / dropped support for PHP5.6

Saw in the morning in the statistics collapse of visits, going to my site saw only the welcome page nginx. Going to the panel, saw that it was updated, going to the settings saw that the version of php 5.6 was deactivated, after activating the site is working. My main version of php in hestia was also 5.6

systemctl restart php5.6-fpm
systemctl status php5.6-fpm

It was enough for me to launch hestia. Wrote about it suddenly someone will encounter after the update