PHP 8 and Memcached

Hello everyone and first of all thank you for this software.
I’ve been trying to fix a problem for a few days.
Previously, I had installed php 7.4 and memcached without problems.
Memcached install it as follows:
apt install memcached php-memcached php7.4-memcached
In this way it worked without problems.
But when upgrading to php 8.0 it doesn’t recognize it.

Class “Memcached” not found

When I see this error, I think, I must install memcached in the same way. So I install:
apt install php8.0-memcached

Reboot … and nothing. Is not found.
Does anyone know the reason?

Thank you very much in advance. :wink:

What happens when you run apt list php8.0-mem*

It installs correctly, but when using the class in php, it can’t find it :frowning:

It does not work :frowning:

With php 7.4 it works correctly (Installing php7.4-memcached) but with php 8.0 … not :frowning: (installing php8.0-memcached)

Also install memcached with PECL and it didn’t work either.

Once again, check the link which @eris sent above:

There are two extensions for memcached in PHP, “memcache” and “memcached”.

It looks like you’re trying to use one (“memcache”), but the other is installed (“memcached”).

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