Php changed but wordpress don't read it

I’ve changed the value of max_input_vars = 5000 using the control panel and checked all versions php.ini using nano in console
but WordPress says it has 1000 value instead of 5000
I tried to change Max input time to see if it will change in WordPress and it did

I also tried adding the value using htaccess, and wp-config but it didn’t worked
I tested two websites and both of them shows the same max_input_vars = 1000 instead of 5000
Any idea why max_input_vars not changing?

Opera Snapsho
Opera Snapshot_2023-0

Just remove the semicolon at the beginning.

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The semicolon is for comments. The values with semicolon are for your reference to know the defaults if they’re not specifically set in the file

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gosh, after spending a whole day, how in earth I didn’t saw it even, thanks guys :$$$$

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