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Hi, I have a couple of questions.
If you will go to Users-Edit user-Advanced settings, there is a PHP cli 8.0.
But I’m using php 7.0 for my website (WEB - my_domain - advanced settings). What’s the difference in these 2 settings?
Should they be the same?

I tried to look into documentation but I was unlucky and didn’t find anything helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

The latter will use PHP-FPM 7.0 for PHP files requested via HTTP. All PHP 7 is past end of life, but not all web applications support PHP >= 8. I reccomend using the highest PHP version that your application supports.

The former sets the PHP version used by the command line interface (CLI). This could be called directly from a shell in an SSH session by your user, or it could be used by a cron job. It is fine for it to be a different version than the one used in your PHP-FPM as long as it doesn’t need to interact with incompatible PHP files.

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Thank you for the brief explanation.

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