Php composer - best way to install

I have found the following post

I am trying to understand if this is still the best way to install composer. Is this on a per user basis? Should it not be installed by admin if you want to have it available for all accounts? Also what would one need to do to have a toggle in the GUI to enable composer on a per user account with ease?

Yes this is on user level.

You can also install into /usr/bin/ how ever users are not able to update it if they need composer 1 for example.

Hi Eris,

Thanks for the prompt reply how would one go about getting composer installed that would allow multiple versions and users to manage what version of composer they need? Is it not possible to have multiple composer versions installed?

Not named as the same binary. Or at least normal users are not able to manually update it…

What would be the way forward to get composer installed that will be the latest stable and currently supported version for all users and a way that it can easily be updated by the admin.

Copy home/{user}/.composer/composer to /usr/bin/composer …