Php-fpm pool doesn't exist / can't create domain

We know about this issue, our teammember @Lupu have already commited a reworked installer to the master branch. If the changes working properly we will backport them to release.

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I think in order to reduce the likelihood of Hestia errors related to the presence of several php versions in the system, we need to introduce a new setting in Hestia, which will indicate the php version that must be used for the web hosts.

In the future, this will also allow to choose the php version for each site (or systemwide) while using nginx & php-fpm.

There is already a rework of multiphp where you can just select the requested php version for every domain - so the work has already been done. Also you can select in 1.1.0 the requested version from backend, also add and remove them.

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Great news! Thank you very much for your work for the better community.

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