PHP server doesn't show config in HestiaCP


I’ve installed HestiaCP with Nginx and multi php-fpm config. It works like a charm!

But I have one question:
After some time it doesn’t show PHP server configuration: either simple or advanced values. Just empty inputs.

It could happen because of manual changes in some of PHP config files - I’m not sure about this.
How could I find the reason and restore Hestia’s ability to edit PHP configuration?

Some information about how HestiaCP works with multi PHP could be useful.



Can you please let us know your os and version, the changes you did to php.ini and also check the nginx log file in $HESTIA/nignx/log?

Hi ScIT,
I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.
I had changed PHP log settings in PHP7.0 config and then acknowledged that I can’t see PHP configuration in HestiaCP. Nothing that can’t be dropped.
I’d be grateful if you advise how I could restore the possibility of editing configuration in the interface.

Btw, how it works if HestiaCP shows only one PHP configuration, despite that several PHP version installed?
I don’t see in HestiaCP the possibility to change PHP configuration for one version using the panel interface.