PHPmyadmin 403 Error


I am having an error with PHPmyadmin whether I tried to sign in using SSO or the PHPmyadmin URL. For the record I did change the default phpmyadmin URL to dbmanager. The error is:

Error in processing request
Error code: 403
Error text: Forbidden (rejected)
It seems that the connection to server has been lost. Please check your network connectivity and server status.

This server is running Hestia 1.8.1, I then went to another server I also have Hestia 1.8.1 and the same issue happened. I have a third server that I have not update it and still running Hestia 1.7.8 and the issue does not happen there. Noticed there was a Hestia update so I updated one server to 1.8.2 but the issue still there.

I check the error logs as per the documentation and nothing there. API is enabled, IP as well as ther server IP are on the allowed list, I have turned off and on SSO a few times to refresh the keys but nothing works.

Any other ideas? or has somebody come accross this issue yet?


Check /var/log/apache2/domains/domain.error.log

It maybe a time out issue with Apache2 and PHP

Thanks @eris. These are nginx only servers and I have checked those logs (/var/log/nginx/domains/hostname.error.log) as you mentioned but no errors in there of any kind.

Strange as you are logged in to PHPmyadmin it is not an API issue

I have really no idea what could be wrong …

Thanks, I am stumped myself. My Hestia 1.7.8 does not have this issue so I am wondering if it has to do with the new Nginx configuration to add 0-RTT.

As soon as I get some free time I am going to try to compared .conf files to see if anything standsout. For now if I connect to the DB remotely I can manage it.

Just been bit by the same error.
If it helps solving it, I can create an admin user and send credentials in private and provide ssh access if you send me a key.

I have the same error, caused by the 7g firewall. If you use 7g firewall, remove it from the respective site and restart.

I can confirm it is the 7G firewall causing the issue BUT is only on Hestia 1.8.0 and on. My server with hestia 1.7.8 and the 7G firewall does not have this issue.

Perhaps something with 0-RTT and phpmyadmin on hestia 1.8.X along the 7G firewall it causes the problem. I have contacted the 7G firewall support but they said they haven’t had any reports of compatibiltiy issues with 0-RTT. I am still trying to figured exactly the problem, as I would like to continue using 7G firewall.

Confirmed! ^^^