Phpmyadmin 500 Internal Error apache

I would like helping to fix my servers
Last day I run command
v-delete-web-php 7.4
v-delete-web-php 8.0
v-add-web-php 7.4
v-add-web-php 8.0

to try fix another error on reload php 8

but, now, phpmyadmin stopped worked in servers with apache …
I already tried several things, reinstall hestia, remove and reinstall php
check the php-fpm running at port 9000

but the phpmyadmin refuse to run

On nginx version only, I had same problem, but fixed just sending the www.conf to php folder
I am desperate because I have a lot of apache servers with this error … but not all them.

Could you help me to find the solution?

debian 10 … now, latest hestiacp 1.4.3