Phpmyadmin button redirect and empty config files

I was playing around with my panel and happened to try and click the phpmyadmin button. but for some odd reason it installed phpmyadmin on my main domain instead of the subdomain (ex.

It threw a permissions error, so i fixed that error here: Error Existing configuration file (/etc/phpmyadmin/ is not readable

But now I’m getting a phpmyadmin error on the login:

Failed to read configuration file!

This usually means there is a syntax error in it, please check any errors shown below.

I open up the /etc/phpmyadmin/ file and it was completely empty.

My questions are:
Did I screw something up seeing how the phpmyadmin panel button redirects to the wrong page, and also how do I fix those empty config files?

update I can login to the phpmyadmin, but it still has that big ugly red error, and its still on the wrong domain.

Sorry to bump but im still having this issue.

To make it more clear the pma button redirects to panel.domain.tld:2083/pma

PMA is only accessible on domain.tld/pma