Phpmyadmin erorr 404

Hi! When switching to phpmyadmin, a 404 error occurs, I edited the file /etc/nginx/conf.d/my_ip.conf as written in the documentation, but it does not help. I tried to change port from 80 to 8080 as they wrote on the forum, it doesn’t help either. I use 1 ip. My hestiacp v1.7.7


Did you reload nginx?

yes and the whole server too

I figured out the problem. In the panel, when you click on the phpmyadmin button, you go to the ip-server/phpmyadmin address. phpmyadmin runs only at domain/phpmyadmin, and unfortunately if only the system version of php is higher than version 7.2.5, and I have ioncube for version 5.6, which is required for old paid additions to the site. In my case, I can only use an external connection to the database