Phpmyadmin login

Can ANYONE please provide how I log into phpmyadmin? I have tried all possible usernames, passwords, etc and nothing!!! Sheesh how difficult can it be???
EDIT: Never mind, I reset the root password. Now I can log in.

Make sure to update the password in /usr/local/hestia/conf/mysql.conf

But you should be always able to login in with username / password from the database you created

Thank you, eris, however, firstly, I had not yet created any database so I had no other username or password to login with. Secondly, as far as I have experienced with MySQL, you can ALWAYS log in as root! Why is changed in Hestia??
Thirdly, the password is already changed in that mysql.conf file

Then have changed things in mariadb and need to check what is going wrong…

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