phpMyAdmin Manual Upgrade

I have successfully completed the manual phpMyAdmin upgrade on some servers but now of them, using the script (that was introduced with Hestia v 1.4.x update). I just noticed today, that there is a new version of phpMyAdmin (v5.1.1) so this got me thinking:

  1. On a server that has NOT run the script before: Can this script file be used to upgrade to 5.1.1 directly?
  2. On a server that has already run the script before: Can this script be used again, to upgrade to newer version(s)?

I understand that in both cases, before running the script I need to change the variable pma_v in /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/upgrade.conf

You can’t run the the migrate_phpmyadmin as it will probably not work.

We have added an update routine in Hestia and when we push an update and users install them we will update phpmyadmin to the last version.

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