Phpmyadmin not found


Installed the latest Hestia version
And now I have 404 error on myip/phpmyadmin

Did something change?

So we can’t access phpmyadmin with the server’s IP address but we can access it from any hosted domain? (it seems to work)

It is also to sync nginx standalone and nginx / apache combination to the same level

OK but there was a mistake in my initial post
In fact I did try to access with and not the IP
And not working
But working if using where is an hosted domain.

Should work aswell, or do you have a redirect so that you can access hestia without port 8083? should exists as web domain otherwise it will use the ip.conf and that is the only config that doesn’t has it …

Using the default 8083 port, but does not work with the server FQDN
I get a 404 error
Nothing to do with the fact that I use a self signed certificate?
I remember there’s a process somewhere to use an Let’sEncrypt for the server FQDN itself, but can’t remember where…

You need to use the fqdn or any other domain without port 8083. The backend service (hestia / hestia-php / hestia-nginx) doesnt provide any pma infra.

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