Phpmyadmin not working

Hello, I use hestiacp on several servers, today I acquired a new server and I was going to install hestiacp, the installation did not have any problems since it did everything normal, but when creating the domain and going to configure the database it indicates an error :
“Access Denied
You do not have permission to view this page.
Please check your credentials and try again.
Error Code: 403”
This is very strange, which has never happened to me. Reviewing the access generated by the installation and logging in with the IP: 8083, an icon appears on the phpmyadmin button (?) which sends me here

which I did not know, but I followed the instructions indicated and nothing worked, I restarted and reinstalled the server several times but phpmyadmin does not work.
How can I use phpmyadmin again in hestiacp?



I have the same problem on a clean install of Debian 12. Did you find a solution?