Phpmyadmin "Page Not Found"


I have installed HestiaCP on all my servers 8servers ubuntu 20.04
And on all servers, I have the same error when I want to open /phpmyadmin

Page Not Found

Oops! We couldn’t find the page that you’re looking for.
Please check the address and try again.

What is the problem here?

So you suggest to wait until next release. Right?

No this the default behaviour if you want it reverted back change it back your self

Do you plan to implement some other tool instead of phpmyadmin?

Currently not…

Hi guys, so the short explanation is that anybody who has the Hestia Control Panel will lose the PhpMyAdmin features ?

This is cringe worthy … even if there was a problem related to security, this could have been better treated, not by just killing all PhpMyAdmin acces …

Basicaly this will make me to change the panel to another one, because i need PhpMyAdmin …

Damn guys, this is hurting me so much … i’ve got use to it so much …

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So, actually it’s working, but you need to work with it from a domain name. Not a problem then, just had a problem with an Owncloud installation, and i taught that this was a bummer and something was bad, i will try to make it work somehow…

Wierd that this was closely connected, and i somehow blamed Hestia CP.

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For Apache in 1.4.x and before PHPmyadmin was accessible via hostname, any domain or ip. Even with a custom template you where not able to disable this behavior

For Nginx in all versions: PHPmyadmin is only accessible via Hostname and any Domain and with custom template you can disable it …

We just changed the “hostname” / “domain” config system for Nginx and also applied it to Apache2 so in both cases the behavior is similar…

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