phpMyAdmin security

Hestia CP is an amazing experience: With a Linux knowledge of not lots more than nothing, my VPS runs know for half a year without problems.
Worried about lots of access shown for /phpMyAdmin, I have a question: Where exactly in the file structure (Ubuntu server 20), must I place my .htdocs to limit phpMyAdmin access to a given IP? Or, other possibility, where do I find the phpMyAdmin configuration file actually used, in order to insert an IP option there?
Sorry for a question with an answer that is probably more than evident to people knowing Ubuntu. Thanks for answering.


You can also create a new template and call it nophpmyadmin.tpl and scp

And remove: the following line. hestiacp/default.tpl at 25c7553a83461617981ef5ac22725483c0e5ef33 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

And assign nophpmyadmin to the domains you want to not use phpmyadmin on…

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