Phppgadmin 5.1 does not support postgresql 12

In a few words, please describe the issue that you’re experiencing:

After stablish connection with phppgadmin, I have seen that my postgresql 12 does not works with phppgadmin.

Official documentation says that postgresql supported is from 8.4 to 11.x, but with hestia release 1.1.0, postgresql repository returns version 12, phpgadmin sourceforge

What steps did you take when the issue occured?

  1. Enter to phppgadmin url
  2. Change pg_hba.conf for login because normal login does not work
# "local" is for Unix domain socket connections only
#local   all         all                               ident
local   all         all                               md5 
  1. Login with valid user and password. Phppgadmin show error message about postgresql version

Expected behavior:

If phppgadmin 5.1 does not work with postgresql 12 from official repo setted by hestia in apt sources, it will be mandatory change software for manage postgresql. It seems that new version of phppgadmin hosted in github it works, repo: phppgadmin github

Does this issue always occur, or is it intermittent?

Every time

Operating system distribution and release:

Debian 9.12

Which version of Hestia Control Panel is currently installed?


Which branch are you using?


When did this issue occur? After a clean installation, or after an upgrade?

After a clean installation

Note: If you have upgraded from an older release on an existing server, please let us know which version was previously installed if at all possible.

Which of the following web server configurations are you using?

  • Apache + Nginx (default)
  • PHP-FPM + Multi-PHP
  • Postgresql

Local solution

I have installed in my laptop pgadmin and I have connected to postgresql server hosted with hestia, it works.

Hi, we are aware of the reported issue, which you copy&pasted from your open github report:

As soon as we have enough ressources, we will fix it.

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