Piping Emails To PHP Script

I am wondering if I can use some sort of template to pipe emails to application script. I couldn’t find guidance in the Hestia’s docs for email templates. Instructions on how to get this done will be appreciated.

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Not really sure what you are asking but if your application is generating emails, the template needs to be done inside your specific app. Hestia as nothing to do with it as your app pipes the email straight to your MTA or SMTP Service(which you should be using).

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Many thanks @mehargags for interaction…

I have an email marketing app that requires a mail server to send incoming emails to a specific path of worker.php script. The script is designed to perform automative subscribing and unsubscribing users from the list by parsing the email header.

So, I was wondering if I could pipe incoming emails to that script using some sort of templates since I am using a saperate email provider. However, for this task I am planning to use email address from HestiaCp, but I didn’t see an option to send them to the script by default. So, I thought it requires me some settings to do in the mail server of HestiaCp as far as I know.

It is a bit unclear I know because this feature of email marketing app is new to me and I spent some time to understand how it works.

Hope it gives you some sort of insights about my question :smile:

I guess you need to create a Wrapper script (Bash or PHP) and parse all the incoming mails to it first. This would require dovecot custom config as well I guess.

This seems too complicated than needed.
The standard apps like Sendy and Mautic create such configs themselves but don’t know which Email marketing app you are using.

I suggest you stick to services that handle all your bounce /abuse/unsubscribe handling automatically or else you will be looping around leaps and bounds trying to solve things. Email is a very sensitive and convulated thing

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