Please add backup to free clouds

Please add backup to free clouds - Google Drive, Mega and other. I’m a poor man, I don’t have money to pay for a server with ftp. Or make an instruction “for stupid” how to add a backup to a free cloud (for example, Google Drive) yourself.

Will get added in 1.7.0 release


Rclone ? Thanks for the link, but you can’t integrate Rclone into the install string generator and into the graphical interface ? For “idiots” and “fools”, who don’t like Linux commands?

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Made some changes to install it on default

How ever a Web UI for configuring Rclone is not in the planning:

rclone config

Has already a working interface replicating that is not worth out time:


In this case, I will work with Rclone. But your competitors have a web interface for backup to the free clouds, if it does not load the VPS, then I would like it to be added.

We do not feel to be in a “fight” with competitors, hestia is provided as it is.

Then hestia is the wrong product for them :slight_smile:.

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