Please add CentOS support

I love to start moving all my VPS servers to hestia, But i work with CentOS as my primary distro for years… So PLEASE add support :wink:

We would love to, but have currently to less man power to fullfill all requests. If you have development knowledge and want to help to expand hestia, please feel free to contact us! We’re completly open for a CentOS integration.

Waiting as well. It’s just too bad I did not embrace my coding skills.

just to be very clear and set expectations straight here: centos support is very far away or more likely never happening.

we decided from the very beginning to focus on one OS as the combination of different releases (stretch, buster, bionic beaver, focal fossa and so on) is challenging enough and as far as I am aware nobody in the core team is real into centos anyway.
you would not want something that’s only supported half-hearted and may bring you into trouble at some point, because we miss something or just don’t care enough.

as @ScIT already pointed out, we are always open for an integration though.
but that really would need someone else to take over and build it. you’d probably even better start with your own fork, and work from there and at some point it could be merged or whatever.

sorry, really no offense meant, but it would not help to raise false hopes and keep you waiting :wink:


Thank you for been honest.
Because it’s an open source project i can’t complain about it. I have 7 servers with Vesta based on CentOS. And i will love to work with Hestia + CentOS. I already installed hestia on Ubuntu 18.04 and everything is working flawlessly.
Just wish to see it happen one day “never say never”…

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I’m going to just throw this out there, but if you were ever going to start handling different OSes, it might be worth looking at ansible for doing the install. Obviously a major re-write, but it might pay off in terms of how ansible is able to run the same command on different boxes, versions, OSes, and come up with the same result.
I’ve just been doing a bit of self-study during my self-isolation, and it seems to be a possible application. I’ll think on it further.

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