Please use a valid hostname according to RFC1178 (ex. hostname.domain.tld)


I have been doing Hestia installs weekly for the past month. I have always used the domain name as the hostname. However, when I tried to make a new one recently, I was greeted with this prompt – Please use a valid hostname according to RFC1178 (ex. hostname.domain.tld).

Is this a planned change on the new version or did I do something wrong somewhere?

Thanks in advance.


For now, just to be able to continue, I’ll take the advice from another post to just use a sub-domain like

Yes, it is a planed change, please have a look at the referenced RFC standard:

Source: RFC 1178 - Choosing a name for your computer

If you use multiple servers, it makes sense to give them a name like web01.domain.tld.

Is there a way to force hestia to use the domain name as the hostname?

I’m having a problem with It keeps on warning me for the RDNS. I was forced to use and it’s flagging that as the one that should have the RDNS.

Thanks if you have any insights.

RDNS means Reverse DNS, that’s nothing else than an entry for your ip address which points then to your hostname. There is zero need to add a domain name as RDNS, just use your hostname and it will work. For adding a RDNS Record, you need to set it at your providers panel or if they dont provide any RDNS edit tool, you need to contact them.

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