Point multiple domains to same directory

I use Contao, which handles multiple domains (like other CMSs). I created an own user for multiple domains, which should point to the same directory, where Contao is located. If I select custom root I can only choose a subfolder of the wrong folder.

So how to point multiple domains or subdomains to the same folder?

Thanks for your help!

You can use both a web domain and add sites as alias. Or use an 1 user with multiple web domains and use the costum docroot feature…

Thanks eris, I tried that, but the root directory can only be changed to a subfolder of the given document root.
But I found another similar forum entry, which lead me to the following github site:

So for Contao users it’s the following procedure:

  • choose your main domain for Contao
  • open file manager, navigate to public_html and create subfolder “web”
  • go to domain and select customn document root in “Advanced Settings”
  • enter “web”
  • create the other domains you want to use with Contao
  • go to terminal and enter v-change-web-domain-docroot admin domain2.tld domain1.tld
  • I noticed that in Hestia there appeared an additional dropdown after this: “Point to”.
  • You can use this for all other domains.

I didn’t test this with Contao itself, but will update here, if there is any issue.

If you want to “domain.com” to /home/user/web/domain.net/public_html/web/


Hi eris,
you’re right, there is no terminal necessary anymore. I double-checked with another Hestia test installation and the “Point to” option was already here. So it’s really easy with Hestia, again. I completely overlooked this option :see_no_evil:
So just: select desired domain, enter “web” and done.
Thanks for your support!

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