[Poll] What features do you want to see included next?

We want to know, which of these features do you want to see included most in Hestia Control Panel? Here is a list of some commonly requested items from the forums and GitHub. If you have an idea that isn’t listed below please feel free to leave a comment.

  • Full support for IPv6 addresses
  • Reseller / multi-tenant account access
  • Ability to preserve custom PHP-FPM pool values on upgrade/rebuild
  • Ability to set up custom nginx proxy through Web UI
  • Allow admins to restrict template visibility based on user
  • Ability to send notification messages to users from the web UI
  • Ability to test a cron job from the Web UI
  • Ability to add/remove components after install (like mail or DNS)
  • Ability to repair components without reinstallation
  • Ability to change default TTL value for DNS zones
  • Ability to view contents of IPset list from Web UI
  • Ability to test SMTP relay settings from Web UI
  • Ability to define Inode limits in Packages
  • Ability to define custom headers and rewrite rules from Web UI
  • Ability to define mailbox quota as part of Packages
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Welcome back @kristankenney :smiley:

Some Features that I would like to see sometime down the road that are not listed:

Backup Related

  • Incremental/Differential Backups
  • Ability Restore individual Email Accounts from backup

Mail Related

  • Autoconfig/Autodiscover Subdomain and config files so email clients can easily configure email clients
  • Separate proper way of creating Email Aliases
  • Ability for email users to set Out of Office Replies right through the webmail clients
  • IMAP Mail Sync Support via the UI to allow easy Email transfer from one host to another
  • IMAP Folder Sharing

Firewall Related

  • Ability to easily whitelist an IP and or IPsets via the Web UI

A concern that I raised some time ago was being able to manage the DNS server in the same way as other control panels such as Webmin or ISPconfig, that is to say that they themselves managed the direct and reverse zones of the same server, but it is not to my liking and no one’s interest, so I leave it there, in the end it is an excellent free and light Control Panel…

Sorry by translate (google translate), my language is spanish…

  • Incremental/Differential Backups

Have already branch available with Rustic support


@eris Thats excellent news and a big one. Thank you

@el_dibu It looks like it coming a Pull Request has been submitted see here

Yes, it’s a good push, but I was referring directly to the way to manage the bind server (DNS) that have panels such as Webmin or ISPconfig, that is, manage the direct zones and the reverse zones in the same panel (HestiaCP – manages direct zone only-- however, Webmin or ISPconfig for example if they do it fully --direct and reverse zone) and this feature is a great advance although I also recognize the work that it would entail, but that’s what it’s about when asking features to be implemented in the Hestia panel, right…

I’d love the ability to create a stage site and easily push staging to production.


@HereOnTheHill Looks like its already in development see here

and here


Thanks @johnny for pointing that out. :smile:

Synchronization with DNS hosting. Put a heart.

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Utilize wildcard certificates through Cloudflare’s DNS API. We service several clients who employ third-party web hosting in conjunction with our email service, and we are required to update their certificates manually every three months.
DirectAdmin uses the LEGO client for this functionality.

It should be great to integrate that feature in HestiaCP… I’ve been using acme.sh client for years and it is really good, I also use it to get (and renew automatically) my wildcard certificates for HestiaCP hosted domains, validating the challenges in an external DNS provider.

  • domain name change

  • get new SSL cert for that name

  • option to restart services: nginx, apache, php-fpm

Via panel I don’t see the need for it. To much work for few times it is needed…


might be, but then it would save user’s problems, who only want to change their domain.

My server is down due to this.

  • Incremental backups
  • Backup to S3

S3 is already supported via RClone

Incremental backups is in progress …

Feel free to sponsor the feature :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!

I have another idea, how about isolating websites from each other? I know that users are isolated from each other but how about websites? If one website gets infects so the hacker doesn’t infect other ones.

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