[Poll] What features do you want to see included next?

I meant access not to the panel itself, but to the sites. For example, block access to everyone except developers by ip. It will also help to restrict access from scanning robots that ignore the ban in robots.txt
I often use htpasswd blocking to block the admin panel of the site, but after each hestia update I have to fix the nginx template(((

We have support for iplist so if you want to create a white it should be possible:

For example I only allow access from the NL … to Hestia…

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You don’t quite understand. I have a VPS with hestia (cp.wordpress.com ), on which the site 1 is installed wordpress.com , there is a copy of this site dev.wordpress.com . Through hestia, I can’t restrict access only to dev.wordpress.com (as I understand it, through lists of ip addresses, they are blocked to all projects at once: cp.wordpress.com/ wordpress.com/dev.wordpress.com ) Also, for security reasons, I am blocking WordPress.com

You talked about Hestia access then you can use ip list

For dev.wordpress.org only method is hard code in nginx templates…

so basically create a clone nginx template and add whitelist ips on it, and use it for all dev projects?

Maybe it works same how we create redirects from the pannel….

Still would like Push Email support like ActiveSync (Open source Z push would be great!). I could rid myself of all Google/Microsoft services.

Looks like the general approach is available here, but obviously the installation would need to be adapted for Hestia.

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Unless somebody is willing to implement It probally not going to happen soon…

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I’m willing to support a community go-fund-me for the implementation if someone is willing to work on it. I had a developer friend say about 2 weeks.

Sure. Its not a feature I’m interested in personally (I use email asynchronously, so I don’t need to know the second I get an email!). But I just thought I’d leave the link there for anyone interested in doing it themselves.

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For me, I know I can use ipset, but an easy way to bulk block rogue ASN ranges instead of adding them one by one? It’s a bit like the convenience you get when your DNS is controlled by Cloudflare firewall. This could help combat the majority of network abuse happening these days.

i would like hestiacp control panel manage dockers installation/manage

ps : sorry my english is very bad, i m french

Will close the topic for now currently we are really strapped for time anyway…