[Poll] What is your favorite HestiaCP theme?

Hey! We’re working on some user interface updates and want to hear from you: what is your favorite theme?

  • Dark
  • Light (the theme currently known as “Default”)
  • Flat
  • Vestia
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Vote and share your thoughts in the comments.

Only DARK​:tada::heart_eyes::v:


I’m somewhat kidding. Once I set it to black, I never looked back.


You will have to excuse me, my favorite (for now is Vestia) on the one hand I get tired with the dark backgrounds, and from the two light ones in Vestia I feel more comfortable, maybe because of the combination of colors or the contrasting colors.

I don’t think I’ll ever use a dark background even when I’m running out of battery, I’d rather not use it than having to strain my eyes.

Maybe it’s because of my age, but that’s the way I feel.

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