Port 25 without encryption

I am trying to configure an SMTP email client on port 25 but it does not work if I put some encryption on it.

In previous versions it was possible.

Have you made any changes?
I can’t use 25 without encryption?

Hello @GabrielPL,

Yes, there was a change to allow auth only on localhost and TLS connections:

You shouldn’t, your passwords will be sent in clear text over the net. If you know your client ip and it isn’t a dynamic ip you could add it to auth_advertise_hosts directive in /etc/exim4/exim4 conf.template

auth_advertise_hosts = localhost : ${if eq{$tls_in_cipher}{}{}{*}}

If you want to add ip

auth_advertise_hosts = localhost : : ${if eq{$tls_in_cipher}{}{}{*}}

You could also remove directive auth_advertise_hosts completely and you will be able to use auth on ports 25 and 587 without using a tls connection (I wouldn’t do it).



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