PostgreSQL and 1c

Hello everyone, tell me how to display PostgreSQL from 1s, version 12.0 in the hestia panel among running processes ?, I see PostgreSQL support is declared


And if for dummies, then it comes out v-add-remote-database-host TYPE HOST DBUSER DBPASS [MAX_DB] [CHARSETS] [TPL] ?
just on request v-list-database-hosts gives nothing but mysql

Yes and then you need the correct data…

I am allready providing the command you need to use. What else do we need to explain?

v-add-database-host pgsql postgres ‘pass’
Error: pgsql type is invalid

Make sure to install php postgress and psql dependcies and alter

DB_SYSTEM to DB_SYSTEM=‘pgsql,mysql’

Crap. And if I do not plan to create databases there?. just monitor the status
PostgreSQL via settings

That will not work

We are not able to monitor remote servers …

So the one that was written above is the only way out? That to add at the level with mysql and then it will be possible to monitor?

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