Preparing a server with two disks to run HCP

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Ask the community for help. This is my first time asking this question, please help me.

We order a new server. There are 2 disks of 1 Terabyte each.

Tech support asks:
-“How to format disks”

I have a question, please help me decide, I need both disks to work. Storing backups on a separate disk is excluded. Both should use the same tasks.

Installing one control panel for HCP and creating accounts for websites, mail and databases.

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Personally always format disk as 1 partion and run them in RAID 1 – Mirroring

In that case 1 drive fails you are always able to run the server for a short time… and replace it with out much downtime.

Backups should go to an external server …

Thank you for your advice.
Please tell me if it is possible to use both disks as an extension of the main partition.
If two disks are 2 x 1 TB, then so that 2 TB is available to me for users

Is it possible to tweak the config to work like this

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Then you need to run in raid 0. How ever if a drive fails you have lost your data…