Prestashop 500 server error

First of all I would like to thanks for the great job of the hestia team.

After install prestashop version: via quick install app a get this error message

Does anyone have the same issue?

if I enable debug mode I see this:

Shop not found
at line 418 in file classes/shop/Shop.php

  1.             // No shop found ... too bad, let's redirect to default shop
  2.             $default_shop = new Shop(Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_DEFAULT'));
  3.             // Hmm there is something really bad in your Prestashop !
  4.             if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($default_shop)) {
  5.                 throw new PrestaShopException('Shop not found');
  6.             }
  7.             $params = $_GET;
  8.             unset($params['id_shop']);
  9.             $url = $default_shop->domain;

ShopCore::initialize - [line 118 - config/]
require - [line 27 - index.php] - [1 Arguments]


Check that the php version for that specific domain is set to php 7.4 (not 8+) and clear all caches. Also verify that php.ini settings has the memory limit to at least 256M and that all required php extensions are installed and active.

Thank for your reply.
php version is 7.4 and memory limit is 512M
It must be a different problem

Have you selected the HestiaCP Prestashop NGINX config file for the domain in the HestiaCP panel?

I am using NGINX, but the proxy template is the default. How can I add the prestashop.tpl

this is the configuration:

In case of the proxy you are using Nginx + Apache2 template it should be fine

Haven’t tested the Quick installers lately to be honest…

the proxy server is nginx and the web server is apache2