Problem creating email domain

Hello, I have been using hestiacp for a long time and this has not happened to me.
creating a domain to create the emails says that the domain does not exist which confuses me a lot since in other accounts it works normally


Can you tell me any solution? On other accounts it works normally, it is very strange

Hi @dev7,

Did you add the domain after copying it? Could you please try again but writing the domain manually?

If that doesn’t work, show the output of these commands (replace YourUser and YourDomain with the actual data):

v-list-mail-domains YourUser
v-list-mail-domain YourUser YourDomain

Hello, thanks for replying, look here is the output of that command, it looks like the answer is that the domain does not exist, but clearly the domain has been running on the server for a long time.
How can it be solved?

Did you try to add it manually? Is your domain using any character like ñ, á, ü, etc.?

The problem here is that Hestia can’t found it inside this conf file: /usr/local/hestia/data/users/YourUser/mail.conf so maybe a wrong character is there and that is the reason to try to add the domain again but without copying/pasiting it.

Anyway, show me the output of this command (replace YourUser with the actual user):

cat -A /usr/local/hestia/data/users/YourUser/mail.conf

Hello, I executed the command but nothing comes out, I have also entered the path and as such the file is there, but apparently it has no content.


Generally this domain does not have special characters or spaces, it is a web domain that has been working for a while and an email was required to be configured and it presents this error, what option can be done to correct it,
thank you

Look at this, I added test domains and if the system registers them,
but not my domain, the domain structure is this “
The webmail would be something like this:

What can I do to make my domain work?

Try to add it from command line:

v-add-mail-domain YourUser YourDomain 
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