Problem Installing Wordpress

Good day! First time user of Hestia CP. I have a problem with regards the Quick Install. After setting up installation on Wordpress. It was successful but its only showing this in the homepage

You guidance and assistance is deeply appreciated

Did you login to the correct account where you install the WordPress?

may I ask about the correct account cause I have used the admin account

How many accounts did you create in HestiaCp? If you have multiple accounts and don’t remember the credentials, you can login using admin credentials. From there you will see the list of user accounts, try to login to one of theme if you have many and check where WordPress was installed by visiting the domains.

I am not sure what you meant by correct account you ask. An admin account is the root for everything.

Try to rename index.php to something else

Success page means, that this is the default page for any request without a config file - for example if you access the ip directly. It looks that you dont habe added the domain properly as web domain in hestia, otherwise it would show another page.

Thank you everyone for the prompt reply. Sorry for concerned problem since I am new to this.

All are now okey, It must be my DNS delay in prograting.

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