Problem with Firewall + Fail2ban

I programmed a script that loads a list of IPs that will be blacklisted via cli, this is my command line:

“sudo / usr / local / hestia / bin / v-add-firewall-ban $ line MAIL”

It runs multiple times with different IPs, I see the data is stored in


But from one moment to another this file empties its records, the IPs are no longer blocked in iptables and it starts from 0.

What am I doing wrong?

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If you want to block a lot of ip’s Fail2ban isn’t optimal

The better method is to use ipset:

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Thanks bro!

after you create and load the ip list don’t forget to add the firewall rule to permit or block them

How do you know that you want to block an IP? Maybe you should just make a custom jail.

Yes i know, thanks!

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