Problem with hostname and mail ssl

Hello i am using a hostname but i cant connect to the server, i create a user with a domain and on admin i have the but i cant login to cp from the hostname cuz of dns. i tried something i found on forum but didnt work or i did it wrong, can someone tell me exactly the steps about this?
Next problem is the ssl on webmail#domain#com or mail#domain#com (using # instead of . because i cant create the topic…) how to add it? i tried and i got error no dns record for but already exist.
And finally if i use the hostname how can i add ssl from lets encrypt to this also?
If someone have the answers please provide me with details to understand! Thanks in advance!

Hello @liakos,

Sorry but I didn’t understand what the problem is. You said you are using a hostname and you can’t connect with that hostname to Hestia CP but you have defined another domain and you can login with success using that domain to Hestia CP. Is that correct? Why you say it is a dns issue, are you sure it is not a certificate issue because hostname is not included in the certificate used by Hestia CP?

Also, what you saw in the forum and what you have tried?

If you are managing your DNS with Hestia it should add webmail and mail records to your domain when you add a mail domain. You should explain how are you managing your DNS and to debug it, it should be great if you post your real domain.

Anyway, to check if your DNS resolves webmail and mail records:

dig +trace +nodnssec
dig +trace +nodnssec

Or, if above doesn’t work:

dig +trace +nodnssec
dig +trace +nodnssec

Note: In case you don’t have dig command installed in your system, install the package bind9-dnsutils

Do you want to access Hestia CP with and also using hostname?
If that is the case, you should add hostname as an alias of and the certificate will be created including both domains. Once done, as root, execute this command.

v-update-host-certificate admin

If you want any other thing, please, explain clearly what you want to achieve.


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Hi again i am using a hostname: and i create a normal user with the domain: what record should i add to dns so i can connect with the hostname? And how can i add SSL (lets encrypt) to hostname?
I will try the above for the mails and will come back!

Again, I don’t know if you want to access Hestia Control Panel using like you do with or you simply want to access to your site http[s]://

Login with admin user, select WEB, edit web domain and select Enable SSL for this domain and Use Let's Encrypt to obtain SSL certificate and Save

Let me explain again. I create a hostname then i create a user and the domain the is a normal website with wordpress and the is where i want the users to login in HestiaCP.

Yes that will work fine and should work fine…

Well i have on a user and as hostname i am using
i add A record on for the hostname so i can visit it and then i add SSL to the hostname as admin. I want to use this hostname for entering on hestiacp… i used redirection to the port but ssl doesnt work if i did the redirect. any solutions?

Also the default dns template for the doesnt work at all, i had to set it as child-ns why? if a new user add a domain should change the template to child-ns also?

DM me so I can help you. Need to know your real domain.

I cant provide my real domain for security reasons.

Your answer is inappropriate and doesnt fit with a community, maybe i havent the authorize to give the real domain, or just i dont want to… you should respect this and if you want to help just do it. @arktex54

It’s not inappropriate when you want help but won’t give all the information.

If you want help, we need the domain name. Simple as that. Don’t send me a PM. Thanks.

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