Problem with Mail - Not Work Roundcube and Ssl

and install hestiacp on a new server 2 days ago and I have problems with the mail administrator
I have problems with the use of HestiaCp mail.
Basically I have everything ready with reference to the domains, the subject of sending mails is missing but this does not work,
I see that roundcube appears inactive

that would be the main problem, it does not let me add ssl and roundcube appears inactive, when I try to access roundcube it throws me a username and password error, or the login simply does not appear

8 cores 30 GB
ubuntu 20

I have seen the answer to this question here: (Roundcube not working) but I have restarted the server and it still persists

It is something urgent as my clients require it, please let me know if you have any solution.

Based on your screenshot it doesn’t seem like you have dns records for that domain in Hestia. Furthermore when I try to ping the mail domain it is unresolved.

ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

You may need to correct your dns records as Status 400 ERROR may mean that it can not be resolved.

What are you using for your dns? If you are using HestiaCP for mail, the relevant mail dns records have to point to your HestiaCP server.

Update to the latest version, therewas a bug in 1.5.9.

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ok i installed it 3 times, 1 on ubuntu 20, the other on debian 9 and nothing and again on ubuntu 20, this panel has everything, i quite like its file editor, website control and php version manager unfortunately the email manager has problems, I also created several domains with the same name as the webmail manager but it didn’t work, I manage the dns in another manager normally I never have to touch the dns in the web panel itself as they are configured from another On the other hand, since it was urgent for my clients, I had to change for a paid one, but I would like them to solve those webmail problems.

I have a lot of experience in open source panels, for example ispconfig is very stable, unfortunately it does not have that comfort that hestiacp presents for the options, I hope they can improve the flaws,
Thanks for the help

As written, the “choose webmail”-issue has been resolved in 1.5.10. If you habe other issues, please describe them as good as possible.