Problem with request URI in redirections. double slash

I think there is a problem with my redirections in hestiacp.
I wanted to use hestiaCP integrated domain redirection from to

So, I have added as redirection:

Then, I discovered that hestia added an unecessary slash
when I typed: it redirected to

So i looked into the nginx.conf_redirect file

and i found return 301$request_uri;

So, i think it is a mistake because the $request_uri already include a slash. so I think the right line should be return 301$request_uri;

Maybe the problem came from me but when I removed the the slash in the custom address ( the $request_uri disappeared in the nginx file.

`return 301

In other words, if I entered and then i only got

Maybe i did something wrong? How can I get the URL at the end of the redirected URL without double slash?
I wish to find the set up to get: the following in nginx redirection file:

return 301$request_uri;

What version are you on?

Nevermind can verify the issue with the last version


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