Problem with WordPress

i have problem with wordpress it start when trying to install wp
first thing after fill out DB information installer page saying

Unable to write to wp-config.php file.
You can create the wp-config.php file manually and paste the following text into it.

after creating wp-config.php and paste code in photo then login to wp-admin

and trying to publish new post i got this error

Publishing failed. You are probably offline.

when trying to install new plugin ask to FTP info then i got this error

Installation failed: Could not create directory.

Panel Version: 1.1.1
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

i was using CWP without any problem with wordpress but i love to use hestia :frowning_face:

What are the file permissions on wp-config.php?



You probably downloaded and uncompressed the wordpress archive as root and forgot to change the permissions (chown user:user -R /path/to/wordpress/public_html) for the final user that will host the website .


chown user:user -R /path/to/wordpress/public_html

fixed all exception

Publishing failed. You are probably offline.

when trying publish post

Please check your install of Wordpress install see

Just check if SSL correctly setup


i’m on cloudflare so i think all correctly

99% sure you are wrong

Cloudflare sends all the data to http:// by default even if you are using SSL so there can go things go wrong

Disable cloudflare for the moment and request a Let Encrypt certificate and enable Cloudflare again and go to SSL/TLS and set Cloudflare to full / strict


it works, thanks :white_heart: