Problems connecting to my websites and hestiacp


I’m having trouble accessing from my mobile to the websites of my vps that have hestiacp, including the hestiaco panel.

In other devices if I get it right and before if it loaded me.

I already cleaned the fail2ban list

How can I correct it?

What kind of error?

It stays charging for a long time and then gives a connection error.

That is not a definition of your error.

Either it is a white screen or it is the browser throwing an error or Nginx or your WordPress or your mobile phone.

Once you know what is going on.

Start by trying to connect from different devices to make sure the error is on the server side.

Then share the error you see on the screen to know who is complaining about what.

For example: the browser is complaining about the DNS resolution.

Then go see the log of who is complaining if you need further info to diagnose.

Who gives a connection error?


Web browser


Login vía ssh and check the free space.

If you run out of space in the disk the database will be down and then the panel and the websites will be down.

The error only appears on that device.

The message is:

Cannot access this site.

xxx I take too long to reply.


The web browser

If the error is ok the web browser side we can’t do anything for you.

But I think that you did not understand me when I said who is giving the error.

All errors will be seen in the web browser bur llt you need to know who is complaining.

The browser is the one that gives the error.

Error that only shows on my devices.

Well, try other devices and if it connects well, so this makes you aware that the error is on the server.