Problems with multiple IPs

When I add multiple IPs to the server, the domain name resolves both IPs at the same time, how to bind these two IPs to the web server of the same application, now the situation is that if he is resolved by the user a bound IP can open the app, but if he resolves to another IP due to network speed, it will open the default nginx page, please ask how it should be set.

No supported …

Are there any plans to add this support

No. And why would you it has 0 advantage to listen to multiple ips on the same server…

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The DNS lines resolved are different, different network operators, and two network cards.

Then you need to resolve it your self different it is hard to implement a function that will be used by on 1 user…

Now it seems to be my personal need, maybe in the future he will not, with the function itself, naturally someone will use it.

I not understand

You need start nginxfor same domain in 2 i IPs ?

May you can create template for this, create template and add hardcoded IP and nginx will stard in second IP for that domain.

In any case, you have diferent carriers and diferent network cards, but all in all server one point of failure in any case.

For that setups people use 2 diferent servers

… In fact, most panels support this feature, which is not a very strange requirement. I don’t know why this would be a strange requirement.

i’m not really aware, that even cpanel support it. But your solution is already here:

You are using a free panel. I give you several options:

1° Offer money to someone who wants to create said functionality for you.
2° Change panels if another one has the functionality you want.
3° Create the functionality yourself.


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