Problems with SSL wildcard

I’ve a problem when renew wildcard certificates.

I create a domain and the alias is with *.domain, i create wildcard without issue.

The problem comes when renew certificate, not sure why renew as domain and not as wildcard. When i check certificated (renew) i see is created only as domain.

In certificate show as this when is renew


Should be in this way


For the moment only “fix” as the moment i find is delete certificated and re-create again every time certificate is expire.

Of course i want to fix, does not need manual interaction and that it does it automatically, for some reason not respect wildcard.

Unless you use DNS server from Hestia we don’t support wildcards as it requiers DNS records to verify the owner ship

I not use an external DNS provider if not DNS server from Hestia.

Anyone can help me?