Problems with the WEB section on the Hestia panel

I have about 800 domains (sites) installed for user2.
One or more aliases have been added for each site. For some sites, several different domains are set as aliases.

  1. Why aren’t aliases shown in the WEB section like in the good old VestaCP? How to fix it?
  2. The WEB section for this user (800 sites) opens for a very long time of 30-40 seconds.
    How can I speed it up?
    In VestaCP, a section with the same number of sites (+ displaying aliases) it opens in 2 seconds.

Hestia != Vesta, we’re a fork of it which doesnt mean we are vesta.

The UI has been changed a lot, if you want to adjust it, you need to fork the project and adjust the template itself.

For the second point: Without additional informations and debugging from your side - no idea. I currently don’t have a server which such a massive count of users.

There is one additional user named “user2”. For this user, I added 800 sites (domains). And the WEB tab opens for a very long time.

I’m sorry, but this the same amount of informations you already wrote above. Please understand that I don’t have a system with that amount of users - no one out of our dev team has it - so it is impossible for us to fix. In that case we need someone starting to debug on his system, to find out why it coures or at least can provide more informations which would help to find the bug. With the current amount, it’s just impossible.


Command line to the rescue?

for DOMAIN in $( v-list-web-domains <user> plain | awk '{print $1}' ) ; do v-list-web-domain <user> $DOMAIN | egrep 'DOMAIN|ALIAS' ; echo "" ; done