Programatically Sent email in Sent folder

It would be great if Hestia could store emails that are sent via a program in the sent folder.

Is this possible?


Basicly not if you send it over a php script. If you sent it over smtp, it depends on the software you’re using - I think its not a part which can/should be done over hestia, more over the sending software itself.

Some sort of workaround would be to sent a copy to yourself and filter that with sieve. This way you can put it in the sent folder.

I am thinking of emails sent via SMTP, it would be great to have an option per account to store the sent emails in the sent folder for that account.

Its useful if you have an automated system that sends emails and you want to know what it sent without it having to configure it to send a copy of the email (the system may not have that option).

I’m not sure, but I think MS Exchange has this behavior for emails sent via its SMTP service, can’t remember though.


It can be setup in exim cofig:

You might need to check what changes are exactly needed

Consider it a feature request and a challenge for the Hestia team. I think that would be a really well received feature.

Dovecot has a SMTP submission service that seems to do what I’m talking about. Hestia team could put the nice interface together to enable or disable it per mail account.


We dont have any priority for such an implementation. If you would like to see it, you could implement it on your own (or pay someone to do it) and provide a PR on github.


Couldn’t you just bcc another email address in your PHP script, and store the copy there?

Any recommendations on who I could hire to do it?


Maybe @eris is interrested, you can “sponsor” also such a feature. But the hourly rate is probaly around 100 euro due to mid european location. Otherwise you could hire any dev whith some knowledge as sysadmin, bash and php scripting.

@eris, let me know if you are interested

I would be interested in copying every email sent through the SMTP server into a repository account or the sent folder in the inbox. This way, it won’t matter if the clients are misconfigured, the sent folder will reflect the true activity.

I’ve done this before on postfix, by setting the always_bcc variable.

But it seems this is possible in exim with system filters and “unseen deliver” if anyone wants to experiment …

Don’t forget to prune the mailbox before you run out of space! :slight_smile:

I think it would be good to do it on the IMAP (Dovecot) side, and get DoveCot to do the submission to Exim. That way Dovecot could put it straight in sent items.

That is me thinking about it from 100,000 feet though.