Proper uninstall


Am facing some issues due to customization and i would like to know how to proper uninstall hestiacp in order to proceed with a new installation

I do not want to format the server

Using Debian 10 with hestia 1.1.0 - nginx + multi php

Thank you

Sorry to say, but there is no proper way to uninstall - build up a new server, then migrate the old one using backups.


Am not planning to use the old backup, just want to uninstall hestia an re-install and start fresh Without erasing the OS

Unfortunately I don’t think there is any Uninstall functionality.

Ok, if that’s the case the best re-install option will do the job?

There is no uninstall or reinstall function, if you screwed up something, you need to resolve your issue - just reinstall is not a way to solve.

If you can’t solve it, probaly a fresh installation on a new server with a migration of your data using the backup function would be the best way to go.