Proper uninstall


Am facing some issues due to customization and i would like to know how to proper uninstall hestiacp in order to proceed with a new installation

I do not want to format the server

Using Debian 10 with hestia 1.1.0 - nginx + multi php

Thank you

Sorry to say, but there is no proper way to uninstall - build up a new server, then migrate the old one using backups.


Am not planning to use the old backup, just want to uninstall hestia an re-install and start fresh Without erasing the OS

Unfortunately I don’t think there is any Uninstall functionality.

Ok, if that’s the case the best re-install option will do the job?

There is no uninstall or reinstall function, if you screwed up something, you need to resolve your issue - just reinstall is not a way to solve.

If you can’t solve it, probaly a fresh installation on a new server with a migration of your data using the backup function would be the best way to go.

If you want to reinstall Hestia then the best thing is to delete the folder located at:


You need to use a command such as: “sudo /usr/local/hestia”

Then reboot the system and now you can reinstall Hestia once again.


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Well that sucks. No uninstall? Boooooooooo

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Booooo yourself, this is an open source project - uninstall isnt expected, what is, is a clean system prior to the install. If you want to have an uninstall option, do it yourself and provide a PR.

nothing personal. we’ve never met. some of us are on a steep learning curve here. we need to be able to make mistakes. now please be nice

Honestly, I was not not nice - I just informed you how it works. Also, if you follow the forum and read the “read this before you start post”, you know that we provide hestia as solution for sysadmins with existing knowledge. So a “booo” comment on a free open source project is definitively at the wrong place - so probaly be nice yourself…

I have always been nice to people who wants to learn new things.

I have managed to remove and reinstall Hestia by using these commands:

Removed by admin

Hestia is pretty good cPanel replacement but one thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t use Windows RDP App to maintain my Oracle Cloud. I think Hestia is taking control of the Desktop and I don’t like that. I should be in control of the machine.

Anyway, Let me know if anybody has any problems with removing and reinstalling Hestia from scratch.

Good luck and please post back.

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While using apt purge, and deleting the hestia directory will get rid of Hestia, I think what the devs were alluding to is the fact that the hestia install makes a lot of changes to other apps, replacing their configs, adding repositories etc. If you want to really remove all traces of Hestia, the way to do it is to get the install script and make sure all the changes that it made are reversed manually. Once you look at the script you get the idea that reinstalling on a fresh server is a much quicker course of action.

With respect to Hestia ‘taking control’ of your Remote desktop, I’m guessing that is probably just the firewall blocking your RDP port, and adding a rule to allow it, would probably let you back in.


Thank you for your time. The “booo” was wrong, the seps provided are ok. (for a successful working re-install, without the need of a clean slate os.)
P.S. The “Thank you for your time” which stands for: “I can learn/make money/help others for free because you invested your time in this project” should be the opening statement for any post on open source projects.

There is no uninstall option is still leaves certain trails behind. So it does’t fully work…

If you are using a VPS it is probally faster to rebuild it / reinstall it

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