Proper way to add another IP

Hi There,
I have a server with single ip include NAT ip. What is the proper way to add another IP? Just the External no NAT is needed.
No mater what i did the website (with the new ip) get redirected to a general page " Success! Your new web server is ready to use."

For demonstration this is what i get when I run “v-list-sys-ips”

IP MASK NAT STATUS 123.456.789.111 shared

I’m using Debian 10 with Hestiacp 1.2.4.

There is a know bug in v-add-sys-ip


Patch that file first and then v-add-sys-ip or use interface in the admin

Thanks eris! I tried that already. Still not working.

I can see the new ip on the panel,
I can see the file /etc/network/interfaces.conf is updated correctly.
I can see the apache conf of the domain updated with the new ip.

Why the site get redirect to the general Success page?

On direct ip access, you’ll always see the success message, not the website itself.

Thanks ScIT! I didn’t come from the ip … I was testing with sub-domain. When i change the web settings back to the original IP it’s start working again.

Hmm, that’s weird, havent worked yet much with additional ips, maybe @eris has some more ideas.

I found “The proper way” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If your first ip is with NAT, Then you have to create the second ip with NAT.
The panel uses the internal ip for the vhosts.

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