Proposal: Enhanced Nginx Domains Configuration Editing in HestiaCP

Dear HestiaCP Community,
I’d like to propose the addition of a valuable feature to HestiaCP — the ability to directly modify Nginx configuration files (“/etc/nginx/conf.d/domains/domain_name.conf”) from the control panel, without the need for terminal commands.

Modifying Nginx configurations is a crucial aspect of tailoring web server settings to meet the unique requirements of each domain. This feature empowers users to make domain-specific adjustments directly from the control panel, ensuring a more finely tuned hosting environment.

I believe this enhancement aligns with HestiaCP’s vision of simplicity and functionality. The implementation is straightforward, and the benefits it brings to users make it a valuable addition to our control panel.

I am open to further discussion and collaboration on this proposal. Your consideration of this feature is highly appreciated.

Currently not planned it would require a full rewrite of the current handling and we already support custom templates if needed …

Please add this feature, include it in future updates.

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