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So i try to search at docs before i create a topic , I’m just curious about the template

Btw I’m using nginx_apache
Proxy Support NGINX
What is the different and use

this goes a bit back to the age of Vesta. essentially nginx is allways there as a proxy. if you deactivate proxy support this simply means it will passthrough everything directly to apache - though this technically makes it a full transparent proxy.

in ‘default’ mode only requests for dynamic generated content (read: php) gets proxied towards apache and static content, determined by the file-extension you can choose in the block below, gets served directly via nginx. this usually helps speeding up things, because apache does not need to bother with that part. again technically that’s less proxying than what happens when it’s deactivated, however it’s less ressource intensive

in ‘caching’ mode the static content gets served directly like with default, however nginx additionally caches that content for a while, so if you have repeated request to the same static ressource this can be served even faster. the drawback here is, that if you cache html, css and js files you might not be able to see changes immediately, which makes it annoying during development. on top the filesystem usually does it’s own caching anyway, so I rarely use that at all.

in ‘hosting’ mode I think there were a few minor changes about the static filetypes and such compared to default, however I can’t completely recall. afaik it’s mainly there for compatibility reasons.


thank you so much for your explanation , falzo

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