Query on default configuration fail2ban

In the default configuration of fail2ban that has hestiacp, the exim and dovecot there is not set maxretry = 5, is it for some reason?

Is it advisable to leave it without the maxretry and bantime or can I put them without affecting the functions that hestiacp does with fail2ban to protect the server?

If you leave those options empty, fail2ban will use system defaults.

You are fine leaving it as is but if you feel that your clients might fail many attempts, then increase the limit.

my English is not very good … I mean that hestiacp does not include it by default and I just want to know if I put maxretry it damages the operation the way of working of fail2ban in hestiacp

Also know if you have to put the bantime or is it already set by default?

My answer.

My answer

So to answer your question.

Nothing happens if you add those lines. Nothing will break.

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It is the answer I expected, knowing that it does not break anything Thank you very much!

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